Friday, October 17, 2014

Review Richlandreg Tealight Candles White Unscented Set of 125

The week ago. I'm looking for information on the Richlandreg Tealight Candles White Unscented Set of 125, so i would like to describe here.

Richlandreg Tealight Candles White Unscented

Boxed Set of 125 Richland Tealight Candles. The Tealight Candle is a self-contained versatile little candle. It's efficient and very inexpensive . The Tealights featured here are compression molded and set in aluminum cups with 100 cotton wicks. Unscented Tealight Candles are a great value and perfect for weddings restaurants and parties. They can be used in potpourri burners .... Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

These candles are as described and last longer compared to most. It ' annoying to have to go around changing tea lights during the evening and with these I do not have to . by Susan

These are very good candles. "They last longer and use every drop of wax - no leftovers""Durano a lungo e usano ogni goccia di cera - no avanzi """"""it""They last"1truefalse998020"longer and"2truefalse984240"use every"3truefalse691460"drop of wax"4truefalse343690"-"5truefalse5389100"no"6truefalse53910110"leftovers"7truefalse83911130"Durano"1"They last"998truefalse"Last"0truefalse"Durano"0truefalse"Lasting"0truefalse"Last for"0truefalse06"Durano a lungo e usano ogni goccia di cera - no avanzi ""a lungo e"2"longer and"984truefalse"a long time and"9truefalse"and long"0truefalse"long and the"0truefalse"at length and"0truefalse716"""usano ogni"3"use every"691truefalse"they use every"0truefalse"use it every"0truefalse1727"""goccia di cera"4"drop of wax"343truefalse"bead"0truefalse"the bead"0truefalse"bead at"0truefalse"bead of filament"0truefalse2842"""--"5"-"538truefalse4344"""no"6"no"539truefalse"not"0truefalse"non"0truefalse"No."0truefalse4547"""avanzi "7"leftovers"839truefalse4856"""Durano a lungo e usano ogni goccia di c'era - no avanzi "6"it"95 by RTB

What can you say about tea candles They were packaged well and clean burn. No complaints . by Angry Monk

Let me tell you as a man who loves his many tart warmers Richland makes some quality tealight candles. by The Shattered Soldier


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